Update 3.28



As we planned, mentoring does not force the player into twinning and is optional. This is exactly what, in our opinion, it should be. But the system itself should interest the player in the reward, because otherwise it will make little sense. We are increasing the reward based on the following mentor and student achievements:

Apprentice reward (reaching level 50):

  • 20 pearls of the studying gaze
  • 80 seven dead maps
  • 20 defeated warrior maps
  • 12 golden labels
  • 1000000 experience

Mentor reward (student reaching level 50):

  • 10 pearls of the studying gaze
  • coupon for 50 pearls
  • keys of knowledge

Reward for 3000 mentor points:

  • Talisman of luxury or golden talisman of abundance
  • 3 random polished gems
  • 5 random magic crystals
  • 80 mentor labels

Reward for 350 Apprentice Points:

  • scrolls of heavenly enchantments or 3 holy tincture of the righteous
  • 1 random pet book for characteristics from 7 to 10 levels or talismans for processing
  • 15 dragon hammers

Reward for completing a daily quest:

  • 3 random crystals
  • adept sign
  • platinum ingot

Mentor reward for completing one-time missions to complete the instance:

  • Cave of despair: 2 mentor labels
  • Mountain trails: 3 mentor labels
  • Jade Altar: 4 mentor labels

Reward for the student for completing one-time quests for passing the instance:

  • Cave of despair: 20000 XP and 20 mentor's manuscript
  • Mountain Trails: 40000 XP and 30 mentor's manuscript
  • Jade Altar: 80000 XP and 40 mentor's manuscript


Mentor labels can be exchanged with Merchant Wong in Dragon City [2215, 2299] for many valuable items, as well as a unique pet. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the full range of products yourself.

After completing the training of 25 students, you will receive a unique title 'Master'.



We once again went through all the quests in the game and in some of them increased the rewardNow, completing quests for a beginner will be a very profitable activity and will bring him great benefit.

These changes are unlikely to be tempting for twin breeders.


Dragon Trials

6 new Dragon Challenges have been addedAll of them are associated with the completion of quests in a particular location.

The reward for completing them is as follows:

  • Land of the Dragon: 10 magic flowers and 50 seals of illusions
  • Phoenix Territory: 80 seven dead maps and 20 defeated warrior maps
  • Emperor's Land: 4 normal and special engraving stones
  • Golden Lands: 4 great engraving stones and 1 warrior mark
  • Quiet Village: 4 normal pattern scroll and 4 excellent engraving stones
  • Emerald Lands: 4 special pattern scrolls and 4 magic engraving stones


We will talk about engraving stones and pattern scrolls below, but the warrior mark deserves special attention.

Warrior mark can be exchanged with the Dragon Emissary for a level 70 weapon and a cherry aventurineThe resulting weapon will be immediately prepared for transfer and will have 5 slots for inlay. If you wish, you can transfer enhancements from your old weapon to a new one at no cost.


Engravings and patterns

In general, the engraving and patterning system has not been changed, but an alternative way of installing these reinforcements has been added.

Completing new Dragon Challenges will reward engraving stones and pattern scrollsWith the help of these items, you can install engravings and patterns on your equipment. The higher the quality of these items, the more characteristics you will receive in the end (as with resources). The peculiarity of improving equipment using these items is that the chance of success is 100%, and you will not need any additional resources, except for the stone itself or the scroll (the scroll of heavenly enchantments is optional).

After completing all quests up to the Emerald Lands, you will receive 20 blue-quality engraving stones and 8 orange-quality pattern scrollsHow to dispose of them is up to you. We recommend that you start engraving weapons already from level 60, and when you receive the sign of a warrior and weapons at level 70, transfer all enhancements to a new weapon (its characteristics are very good). Thus, you will ensure yourself an easy path to level 80.

This innovation is experimental. We want to see how effective such help is for newbies. If everything goes well, then we will continue to develop alternative ways to enhance the character, taking into account the fact that this is an alternative and not the main way to enhance the character.



In addition to the title 'Master', which can be obtained by completing the training of 25 students, the title 'Astrologer' has been added for beginners. It can be obtained for completing the quest 'Wind god'.


Hunting grounds

The amount of experience for donating crystals to adepts of the school of valor has been significantly increased. It is also a good way to get meat for your petWe also increased the experience gained from monsters by ~25%.


Wings and secret weapons

Near the entrance to the Witches Tower you can find the Witches Tower WardenThis NPC will give you 2 quests, by completing which you will receive your first wings and a secret weapon to choose from, as well as several nirvans and cursed signs. For beginners, it will not be superfluous to read the dialogue before submitting the assignment.


Witch tower

Initial training is slightly weakened. For strong players, these changes will go unnoticed, but for beginners it can be very useful.



The starting artifacts you get at level 40 have been boosted. Their bonuses are now fixed.

Attack artifact:

  • Critical hit rate +10%
  • Physical and magical damage +40
  • Maximum HP +4000

Artifact of defense:

  • Block chance +10%
  • All damage resistance +40
  • Maximum HP +4000

Artifact of help:

  • Healing power +800
  • Movement speed +10%
  • Maximum HP +4000


Dragon bags

This time we've added silk threadsfaceted gems +keys of knowledge and more seals of illusion.



  • The interface of the window for transferring gains for the sorcerer Yakusa has been updated.
  • Updated display of sockets in consumables. Now, in addition to the name of the inlaid stone, its icon is also displayed.
  • Now, when viewing unused pets (items), you can see their appearance.


Ladder of three worlds

The instance is significantly weakened. Orange quality gear is now only looted from Ancient Reaper and Ancient Demon YunshiArtifacts (including purple ones), unique jewelrystardust, a unique pet - all this is also obtained from non-main bosses, but only with a lower chance.

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