Update report


So, it's time to report on the updates and tell you what to expect and when.

First of all, we want to apologize for not being able to keep our promise to release everything in February. Next, we will explain why this happened, but in any case, these are excuses. 

The plan was as follows - a personal estatenew PvE mechanicslevel 90

  • There is nothing difficult with the development of level 90 - new instances, types of equipment, tasks, disclosure of enlightenment. It will not take us much time, because conceptually, we don’t need to invent something new: everything is already there and all that remains is to do. According to our calculations, this should not take more than 10-14 days.

  • The new PvE mechanics now do not have a clear concept, since we have devoted almost all our efforts to the development of a personal estate. We do not plan to create something as large-scale as a treasure hunt. It will be something moderate, not obliging to spend a lot of time on it. The reward for such activity will be mostly new items with which you can enhance the character. In a treasure hunt, for example, unique loot are the rings of the chieftain, northern and southern stars, dragon parts and philosopher's stones (most of them). 
    The plans for this mechanic are big, but not grandiose. The most important thing is to make it interesting and convenient for you. 

  • The personal estate, which was supposed to be released around the 20th of February, was delayed. And that's why:
    1. There is no example to guide you. Examples from other games are not suitable for us, since their adaptation in our game will be inconvenient for the player and look very secondary with a bunch of conventions and "bulging corners".
    2. We had to come up with something new and at the same time test how feasible it is in our game.
    3. All these 2 weeks, we worked out the individual functions of the personal estate piece by piece. We managed to achieve the usefulness of each individual mechanic of the estate and make everything as convenient and understandable for the player as possible.
    4. In February, we had a few more updates, the development of which had to take a break from the main work. 

So it turns out that even by the end of February we did not have time to finish anything that we had planned. If we had initially taken up the 90th level, then there would have been no surprises with it and we would have definitely released the update on time. But with a personal estate, it turned out a little wrong...

In short, the development of a personal estate actually takes not 1-2 weeks, as we planned, but 3-4. And the fact that we chose this personal estate as the first update played a cruel joke on us. Now, at the end of February, neither the estate nor the 90 are completely ready. 

We want to stop the development of a personal estate and enter it after level 90. Thus, we can definitely assure players that the level 90 update will be released in the second week of march.
Of the advantages, it can be noted that a personal estate will not be released in a month after level 90, but in a week or two.


About the estate

The player can purchase the estate for personal use for the Nth amount of gold. When you first visit the estate, you will be greeted by the manager. He will tell you about the principles of the manor, give out several training tasks and will allow you to attract key craftsmen who will ensure the functioning of your possessions into his possession.

Your homestead will passively generate income in the form of a special currency that can be exchanged with the merchant guild. The higher the level of your homestead, the more such currency you can get. Also, the range of goods from the merchant guild will depend on the level of the manor.

The level of the estate can be increased with the help of your personal experience. The higher the level of the estate, the more opportunities will open to you. 
For example, every 10 levels you will have one additional hole for plants and one pen for animals. And every 20 levels - a new place for statues.

Animals and plants will increase your passive income. You can get them for other game activities. They will be active for a while. Therefore, you will need to replace them from time to time. In general, this will not be difficult, but to ensure maximum income you will have to try a little.
Statues will directly affect your character, increasing some of his characteristics or opening up new opportunities. There will be many types of statues, but the number of places for them is limited. It will be possible to replace one statue with another, but once in a while. 

In parallel with the growth of the level of the estate, you will have the opportunity to attract new masters to your domain. We will tell you more about them closer to the release.

We tried to make sure that the manor was not difficult for the player. No restrictions and obligations, passive income and the same passive bonuses for you. In the option that we considered initially, everything was different and in order to benefit from the estate, you would have to service it every few hours. But it's good that we changed our minds in time.

Everything described above is only a basic version. Over time, we will add new features and make the estate something more.

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