Update 5.0.4


Fixed a bug due to which it was impossible to create some types of equipment in a craft or from an NPC.

Removed chat alerts from dusty and inlaid chests.

The item "Jasper Coin" has been added to the in-game store It will allow you to drill a 6th socket in the rig. This drill can only be used on equipment with 5 sockets. This drill has a 100% success rate.
The ability to drill 7 sockets in equipment will not appear in the game in the near future.

There are two reasons for this decision at once:
First, it will allow players who are unlucky when drilling equipment to get 6 socket. Still, the presence of 6 nests in the equipment is quite a significant factor, and its absence on the top equipment, which was created with great difficulty, can really upset someone. In any case, you can still make 6 sockets in your equipment with luck, but if you are unlucky, you will have the opportunity to get the desired 6 sockets through the store.
Secondly, the new version of the server has a new condition for the transfer of equipment. Now it is simply impossible to transfer buffs from equipment in which there are fewer sockets than in equipment to which buffs are transferred. This is a completely logical innovation, because it will avoid cases where a player could lose a stone when transferring buffs just because the original equipment had more sockets filled with gems than the one to which the buffs were transferred.

The high price of the jasper chasing is due to the fact that in the future, when 7 nests for inlay become available, these chases will be used to drill the 7 nests. 


Also, until August 1 inclusive, there will be increased rates for:

  • Experience gained +150%
  • Gold for killing monsters +75%
  • Probability of getting trophies +40%


Have a good holidays :)

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