Update 5.2.0

Update 5.2.0


Skill Changes

Staff Master
  • Hurricane: Skill effect now increases Weakness Resistance and Critical Strike Reduction increased from 20% to 25%.
  • Mail: weakness resistance will increase along with confusion.
  • Surge of Strength: Skill effect now increases damage resistance.
  • Invisible: reduced cooldown from 80 to 70 seconds.
Moon Warrior
  • Cold Moon: Now instead of armor, the effect will reduce magic damage resistance.
  • Light step: We have returned the movement speed increase after jumping. The effect of the skill can work together with other effects that increase speed.
  • Ice Fist: the skill is now instant cast.


  • Holy Wind: Skill effect now also increases Weakness Resistance.


Hard worker rating

Until December 5 inclusive, Keeney will lead the rating in Phoenix Lands [903, 2049] workers.

By mining, fishing and gardening, you will receive points in the overall ranking. The three workers with the most points in one of the ratings will receive a unique title or golden VIP (your choice), 500 pearls and 2 sparkling gems of your choice. Players from 4th to 10th place will receive a sparkling gem of their choice.



All ties between students and mentors have been severed. This was necessary in order to fix a bug with deleting characters. All points have been saved.


Minor difficulties

Now we are working with two versions of the server at once - the current one, and the one that will be at level 100. If we decide to make some more or less major change to the current version, then this should be integrated into the development version for level 100, which is quite difficult and can manifest itself in the form of many errors in the future. Therefore, we will implement all the ideas that arise at the moment and your suggestions in one version. By the volume of the update, it is easy to guess which one.

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