Update 6.1.0

Update 6.1.0


New gear

Many new types of equipment have been added in this update. All this so that each player can dress according to their needs and abilities. Previously, there were only 2 options - clan equipment, which was used by almost everyone, and enchanted, which only strong players had. Now there are many intermediate options equipment, which is obtained in different ways and does not always require a large amount of resources.

Clan equipment

As before, this will be an accessible piece of equipment for the beginning player, requiring no resources to craft.

Valor School Equipment

This is an option for those who love the school of valor. Although the equipment is not obtained quickly, it has nice bonuses for PvE games and does not require resources to create.

King of the Jungle Equipment

Of course, this will be equipment with bonuses for PvP games. It also does not require resources to create, but it will not be obtained quickly either.

Ancient and decrepit equipment

An option for intermediate players. You can get the recipe to create it after several dozen playthroughs Underground Fortress. This equipment will already require a certain amount of resources from the player to create. This is the most affordable purple quality equipment with nice bonuses in every part of the set.

Werewolf Weapon

Available purple quality weapons. No frills, simple, clear and enjoyable.
Crafting will require some purple quality resources, as well as a lot flame hair.

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Overlord and Ruler Equipment

This is quite an interesting gear as it has a different appearance as well as kind of bonuses per set . In short, this is equipment for everything at once. To get this equipment, you will need a lot of guild contribution, as well as several dozen purple-quality resources. 

Seven Winds and Blizzard Equipment

This gear has several stages of development. At first, you will need to complete dailies in the Frozen Mountains in order to get enough Cold Jaspers to purchase the first stage of this gear blue quality</ strong>. 
This equipment can be upgraded to orange quality (similar to clan equipment) using Radiant Stones. At this stage, the equipment will receive more stats, as well as double all of its bonuses per set.
But the upgrade to the third stage (to  purple quality) will require not only resources, but also a special item - ice crystal. You can get it for participating in an event that will soon appear in the game. And of course, at this stage, the equipment will receive even more stats, as well as triple all of its bonuses per set.

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Enchanted Equipment

Enchanted Gear will compete with Seven Winds and Snowstorm</strong >. It will have higher stats, but no set bonus. A special feature of this equipment is that in addition to equipment, you can create enchanted weapons and jewelry

We tried to arrange equipment in order of increasing strength, but depending on the situation, this or that equipment may be more useful for certain players.


New instances 

Underground fortress

This is a rather difficult instance to understand. Its mechanics are significantly different from other instances, but if you get used to it, then you will have no problems passing it.
In The Underground Fortress you can get legendary enhancement crystals Rough GemsLevel 6 ElementsClan Weapon Fragments Level 100, and also Ancient Scraps, which can be exchanged for valuable items and recipes to create Ancient and Decrepit.
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Jade Peak

Will be available in a couple of days after the update. 


Old instances

We've reworked all loot from existing instances. Basically, it has been increased. 
In Rifle of the Fallen, as in other instances, orange-quality equipment is looted from two bosses.
In Rifle of the Fallen< /strong>, Ladder of the Three Worlds and Halls of Fire bosses can drop box with enchanted equipment of the appropriate level.



Three new pets added:

  • Nellie Angel: Increases the power of healing spells by 100-1000.
  • Kipp the Turtle: Increases Critical Strike Ignore by 0.75%-7.5%.
  • Fire Demon: Increases critical strike chance by 0.75% -7.5%.

One ​​pet has been changed - Robocat. It now increases the master's bonus damage by 30-300.


Ice Mountains Dailies

More 20 daily quests have been added to the Frozen Mountains. For completing them, you will receive cold jaspers. Quests are 90-100 levels.


Class Skills

  • Mystery Comprehend: Now also increases Critical Strike Damage. Cooldown reduced to 60 seconds.
  • Skilled Swordsman: Ignore Physical Damage Resistance increased to 150.

  • Battle of the Night: This skill no longer stuns enemies, but has an increased critical strike chance.
  • Shock Dodge reduction reduced to 10% and skill hit chance increased by 10%.
  • Hidden Power: Reduced chance to hit increase to 10%.
  • Melee weapons: Increased critical strike damage reduced to 15%.
  • Stolen Heart: Health regen reduced from 30%-60% to 20%-40%

  • Abyss: The effect now reduces enemy critical strike ignore.
  • Ghastly Explosion: The effect now reduces enemy critical strike ignore.

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  • Datura: Now the skill reduces the opponent's critical hit.
  • Bird's Wing: Instead of increasing Healing Heal, the skill now increases Critical Strike Ignore.

Melee class skill damage has been increased by 10% of absolute value (a skill with 150% damage will gain 15%).



Resistance and Armor

We've changed how resistance and armor work. Now they will work the way similar indicators should work in games, namely, adaptively. Now 100 resistances reduce damage taken by 5%. This means that under certain circumstances, you can reduce the damage received by more than 70%, or even 80%. For such indicators, this is not normal. This is exactly what happened with the previous system of characteristics. Strong players with armor and resistances received only 20% of the proper damage (this was further aggravated by the fact that these two indicators added up, and then already reduced the damage received). And that is why the decrease in resistance increased the damage at times. Imagine you have 1600 resistance and reduce damage taken by 80%. That is, out of 10,000 damage you will receive only 2000. And when your resistance is reduced to 1200, you can already receive 40% damage, that is, 4000. The damage has doubled. And what happens if you reduce the resistance of a character who does not have it? Instead of 10000 damage, he will receive 20% (at -400 resistance) more damage, that is, 12000. Resistance is reduced by the same 400 points, but the result is 5 times different.
The new stat system only delayed the inevitable, which the server will eventually come to. That is why we decided now to change everything in such a way that even at level 999 of a character with thousands of resistances, the resistance and armor system would work correctly.

The new principle of resistance is this: increasing resistance from 0 to 100 will reduce damage taken by 6%, from 100 to 200 - by ~5.8% and so on in descending order. Armor works in a similar way.

After the update, there will be noticeable changes in damage as we have calibrated it due to the new changes.

Accuracy and evasion

Accuracy and Evasion are now 80% more likely to hit an enemy, up from 75%.</ span>


Important changes

  • Magic Stones is no longer found in instances, but purchased from Mistresses of Magic in the Emperor's City [2157 , 2462]. This is done so that at this stage there is no shortage of them. Plus, it's a pretty effective way to fight inflation.
  • The
  • Shining Stones moved from the Guild Arenas to Bailey Trader in the Emperor's City [2172, 2461]. Now you can buy stones even if your guild does not control the arena. The time has passed when clan equipment was important. Now such difficulties are useless.
  •  Bailey Merchant You can also purchase two new titles and equipment recipes Ruler and Lords. These recipes can also be found in Guild Arenas, but at a lower Guild Contribution cost.
  • The auction has been completely updated. 
  •  In-Game Store  Personal Brilliant Gems, as well as Pearls   Learner Charms have been added eyes.
  • Temporary equipment is now purchasable rather than craftable. NPC vendors are nearby, don't get lost.


Nice changes

  • The Smelting Furnace can now conveniently convert 100 Blessed Trees into Food Bag that will contain loot containing 50 Blessed Trees .
  • The Smelting Furnace can also be used to quickly and inexpensively create Orbs of ForestIce and Fire.
  •  In-Game Store A new pet book has been added, Forager II. It reduces the cooldown of the loot skill from 0.75 sec to 0.5 sec.


  • At 100 levels, more 20 skill points for purchase.
  • Now, if you've done 10 trainings in the Witches' Tower, then the next time you visit the tower, you can start immediately with 6 trainings. If 15 trainings have been completed, then you can start with 11 trainings, and if the entire tower has been completed, then with 16 trainings !


Other changes

  • Summoned Seven Star Demons duration reduced from 30 to 5 minutes.
  • Time Treasure Keepers life reduced from 30 to 10  minutes.
  • Resources obtained from temple and Dragon Altar will no longer count towards the weekly ranking.
  • War Banner can no longer be used on Law of the Jungle.
  • Slightly increased chance to upgrade Warlord's Rings
  • Star Coins now applied immediately.
  • Guild Quest "In Search of Knowledge" no longer requires you to complete low-level instances relatively your level.
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