Update 6.1.2

Update 6.1.2


New gear

All new level 100 gear has been buffed a bit. The amplification occurred to varying degrees for each of the sets, but nothing remained unchanged:

  • King of the Jungle Set is now built a little differently. It is unlikely that anyone will fully use all the equipment, so we divided them into three different sets: weaponsgear and jewelry</ strong>.
  • Bonuses Valor School Gear have been slightly improved and redistributed.
  • Ancient and Old Equipment slightly buffed.
  • Werewolf weapon Slightly buffed.
  • Ruler's Equipment and Lords slightly increased.
  • Seven Winds Gear and Snowstorm has also been buffed, but the amount of crafting resources is now required almost twice as much.
  • Enchanted Equipment has been buffed the most. It will also now have guaranteed stats on every gear.

We have added the ability to upgrade clan weapons level 100 to purple quality. The increase in damage, although small, but the costs will be minimal. This is suitable for those who are critically interested in the bonus of clan weapons.

All new gear (except enchanted) can now update stats


Jade Peak

This is the first complex instance we create based on the new formulas. Now it is very important for us to collect at least some statistics on how everything will work in practice. The conditions of our testing have nothing to do with how it happens in reality. Modeling a full-fledged group with the right roles is a very difficult task for us. Therefore, the form in which the Jade Peak will appear in the next day or two is an experiment. 

We don't want to take the risk of releasing something that could be significantly changed in the future and someone could gain an advantage because of it. That is why we have completely removed all loot from the instance and made it free to enter (without spending fatigue). In these couple of days we need to get as much feedback as possible about the strength of the monsters and their skills. We will reward those who will help us in this matter :)

We understand that an instance is unlikely to be in demand if it is limited to orange quality gear and component for creating enchanted equipment. So let's say right away - mining from it will be beneficial for everyone. You will definitely have an incentive and desire to go through this instance, even if the creation of enchanted equipment is not your goal. It is important to clarify this right now, since the difficulty of the instance should directly depend on the reward.

The instance will be complex. Perhaps even too much. Or maybe not. We want to know your opinion.


Other changes

  • Level 100 Rings of the Chieftain Lvl 100 will no longer be soulbound. 
  • All Robocats purchased prior to Update 6.1.0 will have the Miner II skill learned.</ li>
  • Fixed an issue that caused new gear to have low potential.
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