Update 7.2.9

  1. A new branch of meridians has been added. Studying previous branches has been simplified. Many meridians have also been changed.
  2. Keys of interpretation, like keys of insight, will be obtained by completing the task “By Personal Example.” The number of insight keys you will receive depends on how many meridians in branches 1-3 have already been studied.
  3. All errors with titles have been fixed.
  4. Some new titles have changed characteristics, as well as their pictures.
  5. Guild quests now extend to the dawn shore.
  6. The reward for completing the Elder of the School of Valor quest has been changed. For completing 50/100/150 tasks, the amount of resources received is now the same for all types, and their probabilities are equal. This means that, for example, you will receive gold and silk with the same probability as stone/leather/iron/cotton. In addition, rewards for non-stage tasks will now be given more often.
  7. Spirit Power no longer increases damage dealt or reduces damage taken.
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