Update 2.0


Switching to a new client

Starting with version 2.0 we are moving to a new, more stable version of the client. We optimized its structure, removed unnecessary elements, increased the level of protection, and also made a separate client in English.


Raising the maximum level

The maximum character level has been increased from 65 to 70. We promised that the level will be increased to 75, but practically 75 is no different from 70. 

The only reason why exactly level 75 would be useful is skill points. But we solved this problem differently. Now at every 10th level, after 40, the player can buy an additional 5 skill points. From this it follows that at level 65, the players will have 15 points more. At the higher levels, we would still have to increase the maximum number of points due to the new skill line - witchcraft. We did it a little earlier.

We also want to note that we have increased the requirement for experience from level 65. It is important for us now to test how complex or simple the result will be. Whatever happens in the end, this is an experience for us in the future, which we will certainly use in the next stages.


Peach grove

Everyone is familiar with the instance. From it, keys of interpretation, uncut gems and elements are still mined. The only change is that the boss will not drop orbs for level 80 clan equipment. They will appear there closer to the next stage. The same applies to clan items to increase reputation.


Gorge of the Fallen

In general, the very mechanics of this instance remained the same. And slightly incomprehensible... It is easy to understand it, it is enough to go through it intelligently several times.

After completing the instance, you can get one of the 9 best gems. The chance of its falling out, of course, is higher than usual, but do not expect that it will fall out to you every other time. 

Also, for passing the instance, you can get a surge of energy necessary to create enchanted equipment.


New artifacts

There are 9 types of "top" artifacts now! 3 attack artifacts, 3 defense artifacts and 3 salvation artifacts. We made it so that each player can find the most suitable artifact for their character.


Gems for artifacts

We wanted to bring variety to the game in terms of the gems used. With their help, you can further emphasize the peculiarity of your character, or, on the contrary, close vulnerabilities.

Such gems are created by the master of the elements in the Golden City (1052, 904). In total, there are 10 types of stones, which are created from 5 main elements. Elemental Essences can be obtained by disassembling ordinary elements. The higher the level of the element, the more essences of the element you will receive.

Also, to create an elemental gem, elemental transformers are needed, which can be bought from merchants for the lord's medallions, demonic seals and portraits of the goddess.

Crafting gems for artifacts may seem daunting right now, but with the growth of the level and new instances, this task will become easier. In addition, over time, additional mining methods will appear, but the main one will always be the analysis of the elements.


Treasure Hunt Ranking

The new system is strikingly different from the old one in technical terms. The previous system often failed and therefore we abandoned it. The new one works many times better and more stable. And it is more flexible in every sense.

The scoring will begin next week, as this one is about to end. 

As soon as we try this mechanic on treasure hunting, we will add ratings for other in-game activities.


Enchanted Equipment

This equipment is 20-40% better in all respects than regular craft equipment. Also, this equipment has an increased level of potential.


World bosses

World bosses will be relevant at all stages of the game, now that at 100+ levels. Therefore, their strength must be such that these bosses are really strong even at high levels, forcing players to carefully prepare to kill them. If bosses are added now (based on the current characteristics of an average character), then already at level 80 they will be too weak compared to the players and we will have to strengthen them.

For such cases, we have developed a special system that will allow some monsters to remain strong at all stages of the game.

The strength of the monsters will increase or decrease depending on the total strength of all active players. The stronger the players, the stronger the monsters. The influence of one player on the overall statistics is insignificant, because it is the average value of the strength of the majority of players that will be taken into account. Naturally, low-level characters will not participate in the sample.

It may seem that this event will always be focused on the strongest players and average players, given the adaptive power of the monsters, will never be able to take part in it. Yes, it really looks like that from the outside, but if you think that the power of the monsters will grow faster than yours, then you are greatly mistaken. One individual player develops much faster than the average 200-300 players. So even a beginner who has just come to the game can easily attend this event in a few weeks.

We tried to make the reward from the monsters such that players always have the desire to attend this event. There will not be large quantities of stones or resources, as was the case on the previous server. There will be something more interesting to get there...


In order for the algorithm to correctly determine the strength of the monsters to match the players, it must collect statistics and process it. To do this, you do not need to do anything, the system will itself determine the characters needed for the selection and, based on the data received, determine the strength of the monsters. It is advisable that as many players as possible appear in the game before the event is activated. According to our forecasts, it will take about 2-3 days for the obtained data to be reliable.



An auction will take place daily at 12:00, 17:00 and 22:00 in the Emperor's City. There are 3 types of them in total: regular, black (gold) and black (pearls). If in a regular auction you can see the current bid for a certain item, then in a black auction this cannot be done. You are betting blindly without seeing other players' bets. If it turns out that you made the largest bet, then the lot will go to you. 

If you lose in the auction, then all funds, be it pearls or gold, will be returned back to you.

In the assortment of goods you can find a lot of interesting things! For example, you can already get new pets in the black pearl auction. There are 4 types of them in total.


Changing some events

Gifts of the earth

  • During the event, the effect of watering or fertilizing the sprout will not be applied to it. In other words, you can use water and fertilizers without any time constraints. 
  • During the event, the character will no longer receive twice as much experience.


Alchemist's crucible

  • Removed all potions that the player could get for killing elementals.
  • As loot for killing elementals, the player will receive grass and food needed for alchemy. 
  • When melting rainbow stones, the player will restore zeal, the amount of which depends on the stones used.


Heavenly merchants

  • Updated assortment of some immortals.
  • Prices for some goods have been changed.


Ruins of death

  • Action points for killing owl clan berserkers are now given only to the character who killed them.
  • Increased the amount of gold for clearing the owl clan camp by 20-30%.


Sun goddesses

  • Goddesses and their bodyguards were weakened


Events that we will be dealing with in the near future:

  • The power of unity
  • Generous foodie
  • Legend of the holy war
  • Legend of the imprisonment of the spirit
  • Law of the jungle


New items in the play store

  • New gems for inlaid rings, necklaces and belts. 
  • Battle banner for 1/3/7/30 days.
  • Group renewal (exchange for 5 points).
  • Dragon hammer (lottery)



After reaching stage 7 in the lottery, you will have a chance to get unique pets, a title or a costume.

  • The suit of the east cannot be stitched, but the basic set bonus has very good stats that increase damage, damage resistance and basic stats.
  • The title also increases attack, damage and maximum HP.
  • The pet assistant, Damon the devil, will increase the damage.
  • The mountable pet, the fire bike, has 20% more speed (relative to the standard), but it is not able to carry two characters at once or fly over water.

We want to warn gamblers right away that we are not responsible for the pearls you spent! The lottery is random, and has always been. Someone may get something valuable the first time, and someone 10 times wisdom. You can complain about the random, but not to us. We warned everyone, good luck!



On completion.



For the student and mentor, 3 one-time tasks have been added to complete the instance.


New skills for couples

For woven amulets, you can purchase 2 new skills from Yumi. One of them allows you to teleport to your spouse, and the other - to restore his zeal as a percentage.


Changes to daily quests

Help in difficult times

  • This quest can be turned in for seals of illusion.


Fighting evil

  • This quest can be turned in for seals of illusion.



  • This quest can be turned in for seals of illusion.


Will of the lord of the stars

  • The number of cards has been increased both for completing the task and for completing the stage.


Skill changes



  • Imperial Anthem - instead of restoring HP and PS, it increases the attack and damage of allies.
  • Spring Trill - restores not only HP, but also PS.
  • Mighty chord - instead of absorbing HP, the skill now increases the time of using enemy skills.
  • Sorrowful Chant - instead of absorbing OM, the skill now reduces the chance of blocking the enemy.
  • Ringing strings - instead of absorbing AE, the skill now reduces the chance of enemy dodging.
  • Singing Phoenix - MP recovery increased by 30-100%. 
  • Healing Music - Healing increased by 20-40%. The skill is now applied instantly, but the cooldown has been increased by 1 second.



  • Reincarnation - the increase in the power of healing spells is increased by 3-4 times.
  • Soul Healing - The increase in the power of healing spells is increased by 70-110%.



  • Without changes



  • Without changes



  • Moonbeam - Fixed a bug due to which the stun from the skill was not displayed in the line with other effects.



  • Hurricane - HP increase increased by 5-40%.
  • Dragon Spikes - Cooldown reduced from 4 to 2 seconds.



  • Upside down - the skill now slows down the target after dealing damage.
  • Obsession - the total recharge of the skill is reduced by 5 seconds.
  • Latent Power - AE spending per second has been increased, the effect of ignoring armor has been added and the time it takes to apply skills.



  • Cripple - the distance of the skill is now 15 meters, and when the skill is applied, the character will move to the enemy, imposing a slowdown effect on him.
  • Mastery - Added a 4% speed increase effect.
  • Comprehension of the Mysteries - instead of increasing lethality and resilience, the power of critical strike will increase.
  • Lightning protection - now the skill cancels one negative effect. The skill can be used while stunned.


Other changes

  • Living protection can only be used once every 3 minutes on all pets.
  • The number of Seven Dead cards in the Dragon Temple has been significantly reduced. At the moment, their number on the server is only growing and in the future this will lead to the depreciation of the item. The number of cards of the seven dead will now be affected by the level of the monsters.
  • You can now select the level of monsters in the dragon temple.
  • Increased the number of Flawless Spirit Orbs required to upgrade Sky Runes and Earth Necklaces.
  • While fishing, you can get a new pet - a goldfish! The chance of her falling out will depend on the level of fishing and the bait used.


Addressing the players

We want to apologize to you, the players, for putting too much emphasis on stabilizing the gameplay and rewriting it, rather than introducing new content. In our defense, let's say that it was a necessity. Still, some mechanics from the very start of the server were not very successful and we had to modify them or even change them.

It was also not entirely correct on our part to follow the path of asceticism in terms of content in the game. Initially, we did not plan something that would destroy the atmosphere of the once official server of all of us. This is a knowingly losing position, because we limit ourselves and our server from really interesting innovations! 

Just do not think that now we will drastically accelerate the pace and in a few weeks you will have level 100 with stacks of philosopher's stones and 60 stones. Not at all. We want to fill the gameplay with such content that would be enjoyable and interesting for players. You can, after all, grow not upward, but wider, do you understand?

Diversifying the gameplay, introducing something new and interesting - this is our goal at the moment (this does not necessarily require new levels) !

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