Update 3.33


jungle of law

  • The number of points that the player receives near the hero's column has been reduced to 20.
  • Now on the map only one column of the hero will always be active. At the beginning, it will appear in one of two places, and then it will change its location every 5 minutes
  • Reduced the number of points required to obtain the maximum reward from 1800 to 1500.


Time of heroes

We decided to delete this event as its mechanics are very ambiguous. It does not arouse interest among players (sometimes even vice versa), and participation in it is conditioned only by obtaining benefits. Perhaps in the future we will transform this event.


Dragon temple

Now, in order to get to the dragon temple, you do not need a cursed wolf cardThe entrance to this instance is now in the Emperor's City [2107, 2522]. You can enter at any time, but you can activate the instance itself using a ritual, for which you will need all parts of the dragon in the amount of 1 piece. 

This change is useful if, for example, you accidentally logged out of the instance. With the new system, you can return to it if you were in a group before. 


Dragon altar

The entrance to the new instance is located in the Emperor's City [2107, 2622]. Outwardly, it is similar to a dragon temple, but only outwardly. The instance itself is activated in the same way as the dragon temple, but this requires 10 dragon parts. Logging into an instance costs 10 fatigue.

Instead of the masters of eight clans, you will find 4 columns at the altar. Summoning a dragon with it, 8 monsters will appear next to the altar (bosses from the usual dragon temple, but a little stronger). 

The very appearance of the instance is due to the reluctance of players to go through the usual dragon temple (boring, long, tired), as well as the need for alternative extraction of dragon soul particles.

The total loot for a complete completion of the dragon altar is approximately equal to 10 passes of a regular dragon temple. Some loot may be less, but this is compensated by the fact that new items appear. 


Cursed Wolf Cards

When using the Cursed Wolf card, you will receive 4 dragon parts.


Daily tasks

We have made changes to the «Guarding the foundations» questline:

  • The number of ordinary monsters that you need to kill to complete the task has been reduced from 25 to 15
  • Chances of getting certain types of tasks at different stages of execution have been changed.
  • Added new items required to complete the quest.
  • In addition to the usual monsters, bosses from various locations may now be required.



  • Increased the amount of gold for killing monsters at the UnityPower event  by 50%.
  • Now you can exchange 400 scraps of canvas at once for 100 portraits of the goddess.
  • For killing brave men and wise men at the "War face" event, you will also receive gold.
  • At the Spirits сarnival event, the  amount of gold for burning cursed money has been increased by 25%, and the number of demonic seals from 1.5 to 2 (with an effect of 4 instead of 3).


Other changes

  • The maximum number of items in one slot for some items in the game has been increased.
  • Changed icons for precious jewelry and signs 'Dragon' and 'Phoenix'.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the attack of some monsters in the game did not have any "recoil". For example, when the dragon attacks, the damage is done immediately, but the player who received the damage does not see it anywhere except in the chat. After only a few seconds, it will be displayed how much damage the player received. 
    Few people noticed this, of course. And the problem itself was only a few models of monsters. But still a mistake is a mistake and it had to be corrected. 
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