Update 1.22


Law of the jungle

We heard your suggestions for improving the event and parts implemented them.

Firstly, we increased the cost of equipment by 15-20%.  We do not believe that it is stronger than clan or craft equipment. This equipment is good in its own way and it obviously will not prevail on the server. Nothing wrong with the fact that players will mainly use only jewelry from this kit, we do not see. 

Secondly, we reduced the number of points for killing monsters with 2 to 1 and removed the limit on the experience gained. 

Thirdly, we reduced the chance of some items falling out, but did not change the principle of their action. 

Fourth, for participating in the event you will receive amulets for Denu.  Their number will depend on the number of points you score.

Well, a few more minor changes:

  • The equipment bonus has been updated. Now it works correctly.
  • Warrior seals are now personal.
  • Fixed minor visual errors during the event.

To receive a full reward in the inventory must be at least two free cells in the inventory!


Teachers Denu and Tane

Now you can learn the skills of teachers Denu and Tane!

You can get Tane amulets by exchanging the gifts of heaven from the Spirit of War in the City of the Emperor (2172, 2652) or by purchasing them in one of the three arenas for a guild fee.

You can get Denu amulets by participating in the Law of the Jungle event. In the future there will be several more events at which these amulets can be obtained.


Other changes

  • Now the “Breath of Darkness" effect, which the character received when entering the gorge of fire, reduces the resistance to damage from monsters, and not from players.
  • Pets were strengthened, which increased the character's characteristics (attack, defense, accuracy, evasion, lethality, resistance). In general, the increase was no more than 20-30%
  • Increased the amount of jade and silver when parsing rings in 2 times.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug due to which oblivion pills were not personal.
  • Fixed a bug in the description of the skills "Living Defense" and "Energy Supply" in pets.
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