Update 1.23


Craft and everything related to it

In the last update, we increased the amount of silver and jade obtained by analyzing the rings. In the same update, we want to increase the amount of grass and food in general. Here is what we have done for this:

  • Increased amount of yellow quality grass when harvesting from 5 to 15
  • The amount of water in the collection has been increased from 5 to 10
  • Increased chance of food and grass falling from harvesting from trees.
  • In the dragon temple, you will no longer encounter ore in any form. All deposits in the instance are thickets of grass, and only food is extracted from monsters. The chance of falling, in addition, is increased by 3 times.

Other changes:

  • Increased the amount of elixirs for a pet in all recipes by 4 times. The amount of resources has not changed.
  • To create food for the restoration of zeal now requires 2 times less zeal.
  • Chef Nashin is finally brought to mind. Now all cereals, biscuits, wontons and dumplings work correctly. Dumplings to restore zeal, in addition, are significantly enhanced. 
  • From the rocky demons that appear when collecting resources, now you can get uncut gems in the amount of 6 pcs.


Skill Changes

We have 10-50% increased skills that restore HP. Basically, the changes affected the skills of the zither, the doctor and the moon.

With the introduction of the tablets, the amount of OZ in the characters has increased significantly. It is logical, because the tablets were originally designed in order to increase the survival of the character. We will actively monitor what is happening in the game and timely make the necessary adjustments to the skills for restoring HP.

Now the zither, like the blade, has a skill that interrupts the use of skills or the capture of columns. The name of this skill is Sad Music



All VIP items have two interesting bonuses: restoration of zeal and increase of speed of movement in instances.  Bonuses are not that significant, but pleasant.



We want to clarify some points. 

The game has a chance to get 5-10 times more tablets. The chance of being so lucky is 1%.  On average, every hundredth player for passing the instance will receive such a nice bonus. 

Many were outraged that this chance quite often works. But we want to console you - this is not so. There are a lot of players on the server and it is quite logical that it will work 1-2 times a day. 

But to be honest, we could not even imagine that one player could be so lucky 2 times in a few days. This is indeed a very rare occurrence.

We made a decision to establish a limit - 1 such bonus every 2 months. So do not worry, if the player is lucky, he will not leave you further than 1-2 tablets.


Goddess of the sun

This event was initially not very popular, so we decided to simplify its mechanics a bit.

You no longer need to assign 1 decoration to the keeper to exchange it for a portrait. From all the servants of the goddess, now it is not jewelry, but scraps of canvas that can be exchanged for ready-made portraits at any time. If you want to gain torchlight and experience, then you can exchange snippets of the guardians of the statues. 

In addition, we returned the usual equipment to everyone in the task of exchanging ashes of ashes. It, as before, has a bonus to experience and gold. 


Carnival of Spirits

This event is the most effective for collecting exchange trophies and competitors, he simply does not. We do not want such monopoly and monotony, so we decided to reduce the number of trophies that you get for burning damned money.

  • The number of trophies without effect: from 1 to 2 (an average of 1.5 ).
  • Number of trophies with effect: 3
  • The amount of gold received gold was increased by 25%


Daily quests

We reworked the reward for completing the tasks of the school of valor and the collector of antiquities. In short - the reward has become better in every sense, and the chance to get it has become even higher. Within reason, of course. 

We will not schedule all changes. It will be much easier for you to read this information in the manual section of the site. We promise that tomorrow in this section will be a description of all daily tasks.


Panan, charm, flowers!

As before, Panan will visit the Dragon City and the Emperor on Saturday and Sunday. Now, girls will also have to run around major cities to receive awards :)

Now the charm will affect the chance of losing the title "Shine of Beauty." 200 charm = x2 chance to get the title. 


Mat filter

Set! Over time, we will refine it and add new unique, inimitable and sometimes even bewitching words / phrases.


Important statement

We need to focus on translating the client into English for several days. This means that during this time, major updates to the game will not happen. Of course, we will respond to serious errors instantly, but we will put all our strength into transferring the client. 

Thanks to our players, we were able to establish contact with the English-speaking audience. They are ready to try playing with us, but with the condition that the client will be transferred at least 70-80%.  

Transfer will not take more than 3-5 days. So do not worry, for a long time we will not leave you.

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