Transition to the new version


We said a few weeks ago that we were working on something big. And now we want to present to you the results of our labors.

We received a new version of the game with a lot of content and were able to adapt it to our server.
The peculiarity of such content is that it significantly expands the functionality of the game and adds new opportunities for its development.

We are currently focusing on testing the game client with all characters' data migrated from the main server, and we need your help! 
On the download page, you can download a test version of the new client (so far only with Russian localization).
Your task is to search for any errors so that during the full transition to the new version we do not encounter them on the real game server.

Inside the archive with the client there is also a text document that provides specific information about the changes. We ask you to read it before entering the game.
Everything that you see on the test server can be changed or removed for release.

We also ask you to leave a review about the innovations and changes :)

And yes, friends, we are aware that the server is not in the best condition right now. We were forced to deal with a new version of the game, which is why our server really suffered during these 2 months without updates.
We will definitely start developing the updates you are used to at an accelerated pace as soon as we fully upgrade to the new version.

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