Journey to Snowland!



Snowland - a place where players confront the winter invasion of snowmen, who are insanely active in winter. The Snow Keeper will accept requests from players to visit Snowland three times a day. Check-in starts one hour before departure (at 11:00, 16:00 and 21:00). One player can visit Snowglance no more than twice per day.

At 12:0017:00 and 22:00 all registered players go to Snowglance for 15 minutes30 seconds after that, a huge wave of almost two hundred snowmen will come, which you need to destroy. They will advance gradually and after the death of one snowman, another will come to replace him after some time. Along with crazy snowmen, huge crazy snowmen will also appear. They are several times stronger, but the production from them is a similar number of times better. Speaking of loot, killing snowmen will reward you with crystal toys and Christmas snow.

Only characters who have completed the main tasks in the Emerald Lands will be able to go to Snowland.

In Snowland:
damage reduced.
Damage to monsters depends only on the damage of skills.
The functionality of some skills is limited.
Evil snowmen!


Crystal toys

Crystal toys can be exchanged with New Year's collectors in Dragon City [2281, 2265] for valuable goods.


Snowship Invasion

Snowship are a separate type of snowmen. They're harmless when they're small, but once they gain mass, they'll make such a mess... In the Ice Mountains, 5 minutes after you complete your trip to Snowlook, small snowthorns will appear, the number of which will depend on how many crazy snowmen were slain in Snowland.

With the help of the New Year's snow that you got in Snowglance, make a big snowthorn out of a small snowthorn to defeat it and get a large number of crystal toys.

But keep in mind that snow spikes are well hidden and finding them in the snowy lands will be quite difficult even for sharp-sighted players. That is why scouts will explore the Ice Mountains in search of them for ten minutes. After that you will be able to use the snow pass to search for snow spikes. It can be obtained by killing a huge crazy snowman in Snowlook.

You will have 40 minutes to search and sculpt Snowthorns. The first 10 minutes you will have to search for them on your own, and after that you will be allowed to use snowpashes. 

When sculpting a snowthorn, you can get lucky and get a unique helper pet!


Daily quests

The snowman, which is located in the Dragon City next to the snow guardian, will offer you three tasks daily:

  • kill 5 crazy snowmen
  • kill a huge crazy snowman
  • kill snowthorn

For completing all tasks, you will receive 6 golden chests and keys to them.


Golden chest

A unique item that will only be available during the New Year holidays. Inside the chests you can find valuable items, as well as New Year's jewelry!


New Year's Jewelry

There are two sets of jewelry:

  • New Year's set: it includes a belt, a necklace and two rings. 
  • Blizzard Set: It only includes the belt and necklace.

The level of jewelry included in the sets can be increased with the help of the New Year's talismanTalismans can be obtained both from golden chests and in the game store (exchange for honor points is available). The maximum level of jewelry is 100. 

Christmas costume jewelry that players received last year cannot be upgraded to level 100. It can only be upgraded with New Year's Talismans 2022 up to level 90 (we left them in the store).
New jewelry will require New Year's mascots of 2023. The new jewelry has improved characteristics compared to the one that was last year.
All components of the kits are interchangeable. This means that you can use new and old jewelry without losing the set bonus.



During the New Year's event, you can purchase a unique New Year's bait both in the game store and from the immortal TenWhen fishing with this bait, you can get a New Year's Knapsack, in which you can find the following items: uncut gems, elements, fireworks, moon talismans, platinum ingots.


New Year gifts

Until January 15, for staying in the game for more than 6 hours, you will receive an empty box that you can put under the tree. The next day you can pick it up, but with gifts. What awaits you inside is always a surprise!


Christmas pets

  • Christmas Reindeer: can be purchased from the shop.
  • Reindeer Harness: can be obtained from the golden chest.
  • Snowthorn: can be obtained by sculpting a snowthorn.


New Year's costumes

During the New Year holidays, the shop will offer two unique costumes:

  • Polar suit: base HP and MP + 10%, physical and magical damage +40, resistance to all types of damage + 40, base stats +40Can be improved with firmware.
  • New Year's costume: base HP and MP + 10%, movement speed + 10%. Can be improved with firmware.


Helpful information

  • If you change your mind about visiting Snowglance, you can cancel your registration. Your attempt will not be wasted.
  • New Year's jewelry set level 10 is not soulbound.
  • Parts of the blizzard set, unlike the New Year's set, are personal at all levels. We have made it so that you will not be able to get 2 of the same type of jewelry from gold chests. When you get, say, a snow belt, the chance of getting it will be transferred to a snow necklace.
  • If you don't care what time to visit Snowglance, then the best solution is to go to it when the least number of players registers. This way you will avoid high competition.
  • If you start sculpting a snowthorn, then for two minutes other players will not be able to sculpt it, unless they are in your group. But keep in mind that other players can attack already made snowthorns.
  • The New Year collector's price for faceted gems is not much different from the price for sparkling gems +. If you are a beginner and you do not have enough gems, then we recommend buying sparkling gems +. Although they cannot be improved further, it will increase the strength of your character at the moment, which will allow you to master the content at an accelerated pace.
  • Since damage to snowmen and snowthorns does not depend on the characteristics of the character, it makes no sense to spend money on temporary buffs.
  • New Year's snow is stored in the inventory from one trip to Snowglance to the next.
  • Store Packs, Fireworks, Christmas Baits, NPCs, and Christmas Trees will be removed on January 22 at 11:59 PMAnd the snowmen installed by the players - January 15th.


Increased rates

During the New Year's event, the experience gained will be increased by 200%, and the chance of dropping trophies by 30%.

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