Update 7.0.0 announcement


Update 7.0.0 is almost ready and will be released in the April, but in the meantime, we will talk about how our plans for it have changed.

First, we had to abandon creating a new location for level 110, as it turned out to be an impossible task for a short time. Instead, we decided to use two locations at once - the old versions of the dawn coast and the garden of the immortals. To implement all the planned content, one location is not enough, so initially we considered the option of creating a new and large location, but, alas, these plans have been postponed until level 120.

Secondly, the original plans have expanded significantly...

Talent system

Now all 10 skill tabs will be used in the character's skill window, and sorcery has been renamed to talents.

In this branch, it will be possible to learn 6-8 passive talents for some skills of each class, having the necessary item with you. This necessary item will be a talent book, which can be obtained in two ways - mining from an instance and buying from special NPCs. At least this will be relevant at the time of the release of the update. Of course, new talents with new methods of extraction will continue to appear. How many talents - so many books for them, which means that they will have to change with other players.


Initially, we did not attach any importance to this, but level 110 will require a new level of crafts. From now on, each new craft level above 5 will increase the available content by 10 instead of 20 levels.

  • The creation of weapons, armor, jewelry and sewing will receive their logical continuation in the form of the ability to create level 110 equipment and consumable items.
  • Mining and gathering - an increased chance of finding better resources.
  • Blacksmithing - Scrapping level 110 equipment.
  • Alchemy - new food, wine, granules, powders, elixirs, pills and ointments.
  • Processing and purification - the creation of new types of resources needed to create and enhance equipment.



At least three new skills will be added for enlightened characters. New skills will no longer require the usual spheres of harmony, but something else. They will be mined in a new instance. For now, that's all we can say.

Although no, not all. When a character is enlightened, the SD scale is activated, which will be consumed when using enlightenment skills. Thus, we want to focus not on reloading, but on the presence of SD in the character. Of course, the cooldown of skills will remain, but will change. 



Restorations are a new type of equipment enhancements. They will be very different from what you have seen on other servers. Firstly, they can be installed on all equipment, except for wings, arcane weapons and gems. Secondly, not only gold and silk will be required as resources. Thirdly, more than one characteristic will increase.

Only equipment that has gone through the ascension process can be restored (renamed repair, working title). Since there will be no potential left in the game after the update, ascension will be required solely to unlock the ability to restore equipment. Of course, all equipment in the game will lose their ascended status, and repair stones will be completely removed from the game. To replace them, a new item will appear, which will be mined in a different, more difficult way.


A long time ago we talked about how we want to connect all PvP events and adequately reward those who take part in them. Courage and military merit will become the binding mechanics. Having a certain rank and military merit, you can buy valuable items and one of the top equipment from NPC merchants.

Right now, only the law of the jungle meets the requirement for PvP events. But we have at least two more events in store - chests known to you and another event that will take place in the garden of the immortals in a golden dome. This is just enough to get you started. Next, we will try to implement something large-scale, but at the same time not guild-like.
So far, we are not making any plans for the arena of fate, since the system is too vulnerable for twin breeding. But if we come up with something, then we will introduce it.



Initially, we planned three instances. But this list has expanded to six. More precisely, even it had to be expanded to six.

  1. Storyteller's Dungeon
  2. Shadow Citadel
  3. Ancient castle
  4. Hidden Tier of the Cavern of Despair
  5. Realm of dreams
  6. Celestial Colosseum

The last two instances are especially interesting for their mechanics. The Kingdom of Dreams will be designed for two groups at once and in fact will be the most difficult instance in the game. The sky coliseum will be somewhat reminiscent of the witches tower with its own reward system, waves of monsters and bosses.

By the way, we will make maps for some instances ourselves.

Strengthening suits

In addition to the well-known mechanics of strengthening suits with runes, the game will also have the possibility of inlaying them. You will have to encrust not gems, but embroideries, but the mechanics are the same. To create places for embroidery, you will not need a drill, but a needle, which can be created using jewelry. 
The embroideries themselves have a similar upgrade system to regular gems, but there are differences, of course. Also, embroideries can be retrieved using the seamstress talisman from a specific NPC.

Well, the last thing worth mentioning is the costume amplification transfer systemYes, she is there too.



All of the above does not cancel, but only complements what we planned for level 110. As you can see, this update is much bigger than any other update. 

One of the main goals is a lot of grouped instancesMoreover, their complexity will differ significantly. In other words, most of the instances will be impossible or very difficult to complete without mastering the new content that level 110 offers.

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