Update 7.2.5


List of changes

  1. Changed the calculation of healing power and damage caused by spell power.
  2. Zither Skills «Mighty Chord»«Mournful Chant»«Scare sound» changed. 
  3. Healer Skills «Ancestral Knowledge» and «Lethal Injection» changed.
  4. Healer Skill «Poison Hand» now deals additional damage.
  5. Bow Skill «Corruption» changed.
  6. Added new staff skill - «Spiked Armor».
  7. Sword Skill «Mental Threat» and talent «Fuse» changed. A test of the pen, so to speak.
  8. Reduced some health gains. Changes in the past and current update are just an attempt to increase the popularity of stamina as a defensive stat
    Against the backdrop of these changes, we have replaced the bonus to maximum HP in Golden Order equipment with a critical strike chance, and in jewelry a bonus to the power of a critical strike has increased. Along with this, the 9-disc set bonus has also been increased.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where the sun skill «Fire Trail» did not reduce skill cooldown «Soul Scorch».
  2. Fixed an issue where new quests with the skilled gardener could only be completed once per day.
  3. Fixed an error in the description of the scarlet sunset/dawn equipment.
  4. Fixed an issue where when using the healer skill «Lethal Injection» disregarded wisdom.
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