Update 1.30



It is difficult to imagine this system in isolation from twin husbandry. But what's really difficult, almost impossible. But we did everything possible so that the player received the main reward precisely for helping his student and his development, and not for mere presence. 

This system is very difficult to change, but we made every effort to ensure that everything worked the way it should work.

Now you will see only a third of what we have planned. There will be no usual task for everyone, we came up with something more interesting and simpler. And in general, the new task is somehow more suitable for the topic. In the future, in addition to the daily tasks for the mentor and student, there will be many other ways of interaction between the mentor and the student (instances, events, tasks, and so on).

We want to say right away that this mechanic was not calculated for you, dear well-to-do prosperous players, but for beginners. Any of your "rewards too small" or "hmm ... I expected the best" will not be accepted. This was not done for you and your twins, but for beginners. Do not want to do this - do not do it. Beginners will still be snapped up by other players.

A detailed description of all the nuances of the new assignment, the types of glasses (mentor, student and for what they are given), manuscripts of the mentor and so on will appear in the manuals section in the coming days. There, in fact, there is nothing complicated. Everything is simple and clear. The only thing we note right away is that the “On a personal example” task itself is available from student level 20.

Important information at the moment:

  • The "On a personal example" task is available from level 20.
  • For completing the task, the mentor will receive the “Sign of the Adept” (+200 honor points).
  • The maximum number of students for one mentor is 1.
  • The strength of the monsters is chosen in such a way that any character with at least a weapon and a pair of heal in his hands can kill his ghost.
  • Mentor and student points reward improved. 


Daily quests

Darkness around

  • Loot has been completely removed from monsters.
  • Increased chance to drop talismans for processing at the end of the stage.
  • When completing tasks with a small probability, you will be able to get one of the five items required for the task "On Guard of Foundations".

Code of honor

  • The quest is now available at level 50, not level 30. 
  • Reduced XP reward by 25%. 
  • Reduced the number of fire seals as a reward by 25%.

The mission was weakened because it is very convenient and gives a good reward. In fact, that it is, that it is not there - you still visit instances of your level. Just now for this you will receive a smaller reward. There is nothing critical about this change.

Help in difficult times

  • Now you get not 1, but 2 letters from Madam for completing the stage.
  • The letter of Madame can be exchanged in the Supreme Lord in the City of the Emperor for the items required for the task "On guard of foundations."

Guarding the foundations

  • Changed the chances of some types of tasks. 

Fight against evil

  • The amount of gold for completing tasks is significantly increased (10-15 times).


  • Now for completing tasks you will receive not volumes of crafts, but vitality powders, enchanted water and fertilizers, or rainbow trees. The chance, moreover, is greatly increased.


Customer Localization

No matter how we try to fit both localizations into one client, it’s still impossible to make a lot of interface elements variable, so each language will have its own separate client. Links to a new client with English will appear next week. The Russian client will also be updated and you will have to download it again (we will warn you in a few days so that everyone can download it).


Other changes

Reduced the number of uncut gems for killing world bosses (which are pet skills).

Gem deposits now appear at random points, rather than fixed. Their total number on the map increased, but the number of gems from them was reduced by 2 times.


Bug fixes

  • The description of some skills has been fixed.
  • Fixed minor bugs in the work of some skills.


Horseback riding

Since almost a third of the players were unhappy with the new horse riding, we decided to make it variable. Initially, the character learns a level 1 skill that applies 3 seconds (only in place), but if the character uses the riding book again, he will learn a second level skill that applies 4.5 seconds (can be applied on the go).

In case you didn’t like the skill of level 2, you can return to the 1st, once again using the riding book.


Upgrade plan for the coming week:

  • First of all, we will introduce a mentoring system. In addition to your usual tasks, we have prepared something interesting for you!
  • New opportunities for couples. Mini-activities, new skills, joint daily tasks.
  • New local activities.
  • The ratings will appear. So far, only treasure hunt, as you have already seen on the last server. In the future, we plan to add ratings for various instances and events.
  • More information on the site. There will be a media section with all the titles, costumes, pets.
  • The first capture of the fortress of the phoenix.
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