Update 5.1.0


Lunar carnival

Based on your feedback on last year's event, we have made significant changes:

  • Now you will get the main event currency (moon sign) for getting action points in the game. In our opinion, this is the most successful option, since it does not force the player to do the same thing throughout the event (as it did before).
    In this update, we have adjusted the amount of action points received in instances, for completing tasks, and participating in events. We have also increased the number of activities in the game for which you can get action points.
    It is likely that the mechanics of gaining action points themselves require improvements, because they have hardly evolved since the server was founded. If you like this system, then we will definitely develop it in order to further apply it in other areas of the game.
  • The rating system has also changed a lot. Now your place in it will depend only on your activity in the game.
    Many people did not like that the main reward was received not by the most active player, but by the one who was chosen by other players. We don't see anything wrong with that. But this time they decided that the most active people will receive the award. Variety definitely doesn't hurt.
  • The Emperor's orders were adapted to the current realities of the server. In general, the tasks have become more difficult, and the reward is more enjoyable.
  • The assortment of goods at the merchants of the Emperor has been supplemented with new items to enhance the character. But we want to warn you right away that prices will not be low. 
    Probably, you may be surprised by the presence of a purple temporary weapon in one of the merchants, but this is just another help for novice players. These weapons will have no potential and prices will be fairly affordable, so we recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to facilitate character development for the next 30 days.
  • Fishing will no longer play that big role in the event. Lunar clams are just a nice bonus to the fishing itself, but by no means the basis for always the event.

You can learn more about the Lunar Carnival here.

We hope you enjoy the new version of Lunar Carnival :)
We also ask you to write us about the action points system. Still, we have big plans for it and if you like it, we will definitely implement them.


General changes

  • Improved the appearance of some interface elements in the game.
  • A cast bar is now displayed when using a sacred gate.
  • Tooltips no longer appear when creating a character. We, of course, thought about translating the prompts and trying to use them more appropriately, but we don't think that it will really be useful for anyone.
  • We've worked on setting up the graphics in the game. Now, with minimal settings, some game elements will be displayed correctly. 
  • In the in-game store, the range of goods that could be exchanged for honor points has been significantly expanded.
  • The Battle Banner in the marker calendar has been replaced with a Divine Talisman.
  • War Banner and Bait prices have been increased in the in-game store. 
    The use of the Battle Banner now provides a good benefit for the character, so we consider the increase in price to be quite justified.
    The increase in bait prices is justified by the fact that over time the relevance of the fishing itself will increase. 
  • Reduced the bonus to increasing the restored amount of HP and MP when using consumables both in the skills that gave this bonus, and from wisdom. 
    We thought that we could update consumables thanks to such bonuses, but now we are more inclined to develop the alchemy itself and add new recipes to it, with which you can create stronger consumables.
    Consumable items mean elixirs, powders, granules and anything that restores HP and MP.
  • Lightning strike will now briefly stun enemies. We also fixed a bug due to which the animation of the lightning strike itself remained on the enemy forever.
  • Reduced PvP damage taken by 8-10%.
  • Added an automatic path to some monsters.


Daily quests

In almost all daily quests, we've changed the effect of charm on rewards.
Previously, charm with a certain probability (which depends on the charm score) doubled the reward received, but now the reward will increase evenly with the growth of charm. For example, if earlier you received 40 items and you had a chance to double this amount, now charm will act as a multiplier (that is, instead of 40 items, you can get 58, 72, 94, and so on). 
But this does not apply to all assignments. For example, the lady's letter that you receive for completing the task 'Help in difficult times' will have a doubling system, since it is pointless to multiply one lady's letter, for example, by 1.58. 

In addition to the charm, we also just worked on the tasks themselves and the reward for completing them. Somewhere added new monsters that need to be killed, items for delivery, new coordinates. It makes no sense to concretize any specific task, since all of them have been gradually changed and refined. 

We'll try to update the daily quests section in the guides as soon as possible.


Class skills

When making changes in the skills of classes, we pursued the following goals:

  • actualize the sword
  • slightly strengthen the staff
  • make the archer's class skills more attractive
  • rid the sun and moon of irrelevant or weak skills
  • strengthen the healer a little

Time will tell whether we have achieved these goals, as will the feedback from the players.

The blade, like the zither, is now pretty good in our opinion. Their skills do not require any improvements, but still some of them have been changed.

Let's start with what concerns all the skills. We've worked on some skill animations, visuals, and just trying to improve your perception of using skills. We will not describe each such change, since playing as your class you will notice them anyway.



  • 'Summarizing' has been replaced with a new skill, 'Roaring Wind', which reduces physical resistance. To use a new skill, you no longer need to apply the effects of other skills to the enemy.
  • 'Phoenix Scream' now has the 'Summarizing' skill mechanic.
  • 'Skillful Swordsman', which increases Ignore Physical Resistance, has been weakened.


  • 'Slash' has been replaced by a new skill - 'Smite', which now does not move you to the enemy, but simply stuns him and deals damage.


  • The effect of the Skill 'Rush' now deals more damage.
  • 'Typhoon' will reduce enemy damage absorption.
  • 'Might' will reduce the additional damage of opponents. Also, this skill will no longer work on rank V monsters.
  • 'Defeat' will restore your health for each enemy hit.
  • 'Crush Mountains' now has the same effect as 'Rockfall', but the cooldown has been increased.
  • 'Last Effort' will now deal damage and also apply an effect to the enemy based on whether you are using 'Hurricane' or 'Fierce Look'.


  • The effect of the 'Magic Defense' skill will last slightly less.
  • 'Trail' now does not increase the chance of dealing additional damage, but instead reduces the casting time of the 'Volley' skill.
  • 'Serenity' has been replaced with the 'Hunter's Mark' skill, which increases the enemy's damage taken.


  • 'Lion's Roar' now deals damage and also applies damage over time to enemies hit.
  • 'Mysterious Power' now recharges 30 seconds faster.
  • 'Reflection has been' replaced with a new skill, 'Rising Sun', which increases your magical attack based on your current mana.
  • 'Sunstroke has been' replaced with a new skill, 'Sun Ward', which inherits the 'Reflection' skill mechanic.


  • The effect of the 'Suffering' skill now lasts 4 seconds, up from 2.
  • 'Sanguine Fellowship' no longer deals damage and applies the effect on itself, rather than on the enemy. The new effect will increase the absorption of damage, as well as deal damage to nearby enemies and restore health to allies.
  • 'Surface of Water' now increases armor based on missing health.
  • 'Stop Bleeding' now heals as a percentage, and its passive add-on will increase maximum health during the effect.
  • 'Icing has been' replaced by a new skill, 'Full Moon', which increases lethality based on your current mana.


  • 'Total Eclipse' now deals damage.
  • The effect of the skill 'Sorrow' now lasts 25 seconds, was 15 seconds.
  • The effect of 'The huge bird' now increases Evasion and resistance.
  • The effect of the 'Poisoned Cloud' skill now deals more damage.
  • The Rot skill now deals more additional damage when an enemy is affected by 'Decay'.
  • The damage dealt by the effects of 'Arsenic', 'Corruption', 'Flame Stream', and 'Wind Release' has been significantly increased.


  • The effect of the 'Broken String' skill has been increased.


Personal estate

Now you can attract masters to your domain. At the moment, you can invite only 4 masters:

  • Ms Deia will be responsible for the operation of the mill at your estate.
  • Big Po can surprise you with his amazing piesThe quality of his pies will directly depend on the quality of the flour that he receives through the operation of the mill in your homestead. By leveling up the mill, Big Po will be able to make more delicious pies for you, and by leveling up Po himself, you will be able to get pies from him much more often. 
  • Pathfinder Shin will monitor your farm, as well as feed the animals during the day that you bring him. Here you can see how many jasper seals animals bring you.
  • Princess Yangmei will keep an eye on your plants and fertilize them in a timely manner. Here you can see how many jasper seals the plants bring you.

At the bookkeeper Bolin you can create animal feed and plant fertilizerFeed will increase the production of jasper seals from your animals and fertilizer from plants. The higher the quality of the feed or fertilizer, the higher the bonus will be. 

We've also finally added the Warrior Maiden statueTrue, it turned out not at all the way we planned to make it, but to be honest, it turned out even much better. 
The Queen of the Earth statue has been redesigned due to its low popularity among players.
You can see all stat bonuses here.

When we wrote about increasing the functionality of the estate, we meant something more than what was eventually done. The main reason is that the implementation of some ideas will be relevant / possible only at level 100. Therefore, now some NPCs will remain a translucent decoration of your estate :)


Addressing the players

Why did we work so long on the update, the volume of which turned out to be "so-so"? 
It's simple. During the work, problems arose from time to time, the solution of which took a lot of time, and the DDoS attacks that have become more frequent lately have significantly postponed the release of the update. What can we say about the parallel work on a new site, which we have been working on for several weeks.

In any case, we will continue to follow the established plan: in the next major update 5.2.0, we will add new content for guilds, in which an increase in guild level to 10 will become available (and not only that, of course), and we will also introduce a couple of new PvP events. You are already familiar with one of them, but we will develop the second from scratch (convenient tools for this have appeared in the new version of the client). 

We are also planning an update to the Witches Tower, but we are not sure when it will take place yet. Either in one of the updates of the current version, or already together with all of the above in version 5.2.

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